13 - 20 April, 2023

Who are the best olive oils in the world?

We created the Dubai Olive Oil Competition to answer this question.

For each winner, we created promotional videos and a presentation page on the website, which we referenced on Google so that prospects can find you more easily.

We came to the international fairs, to give you your medals and to make videos to promote you as well.

We created Best Olive Oils Ranking, so that oils are now ranked by their qualities and not by their number of participation in competitions.

In 5 editions, more than 1200 participants and more than 700 winners have been rewarded.

Our goal is no longer to discover the best olive oils but to focus on selling the best olive oils that have been awarded in our previous editions.

You have won one or more medals, and are therefore among the best olive oils in the world.

The next step is to market your bottles with the highest possible added value, for this you have the online sale on our website, the sale in our stores, as well as the presentation of your brand in the biggest international fairs. 

All this work takes a lot of time and is extremely expensive, that's why we have decided to increase the registration fee to 375 euros per participation for new customers.

Concerning your brand, your presentation page is already made and we have already referenced it. The registration fee for you will therefore remain at €275.

Until now the winners of all the competitions are present on the website , in 2023 only the winners of the next edition will remain online.


Gold Awards

80 - 100

Ultra Premium EVOO 

Premium EVOO 

Silver Award

70 - 79

Best Evoo

Customers have access to all winners on and

Just click on the logo to visit the websites

To participate you just have to select the number of brands with which you want to participate. Enter your information and choose to pay with card or by bank transfer.

If you only have 1 brand or one quality of oil, select 1 brand if you have several then select the number of brands.

DubaiOOC 2023 Registration private link

375 €


This edition takes place in Dubai.
This competition is open to everyone but only for extra virgin olive oils from the 2022 / 2023 campaign,
monovarietal and blend olive oils are allowed. (not flavoured)
The jury is international. 
We don’t need your olive oil analysis


Every entry submitted:
2 samples of 500ml
B) 4 samples for 250ml or smaller bottles

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
73 Allée Kleber 34000 Montpellier ( France)
+33 7 49 45 46 24


Samples must be received before 31 March 2023



WHATSAPP +33 7 49 45 46 24