Dear Olive Oil Enthusiasts,

Today marks an unforgettable milestone in the history of olive oil - the announcement of the 2023 Dubai Olive Oil Competition results! Do not regard this as a simple list of winners, but rather as the ignition of a fuse that is set to ignite a revolution in the world of olive oil.

The oils distinguished here are much more than mere products, they are the dazzling stars in our culinary sky, culinary masterpieces that have mesmerized our discerning judges and tantalized their taste buds. These oils reflect the finest global expertise in olive oil crafting.

By clicking on the "Discover" button, you will embark on a sensory journey on our website Here, you can delve into every detail of these liquid wonders, the true treasures of nature.

And for those of you who cannot resist the call of these exceptional delights, we offer you the opportunity to buy these wonders directly. With just one click, you can possess the most precious jewels of the olive oil universe. The best producers in the world are waiting for you at the Best Olive Oils Store stands, and soon in our stores that will bloom all over the world.

We are tearing down barriers so that you, dear customers, can enjoy these precious nectars without any intermediary. The time has come to taste and savor the finest olive oils in the world.

Dear producers, stand proud! You have participated in a grand adventure, you have been recognized among the best. Your talent and dedication are celebrated here.

And don't forget: every day, we will unveil 10 new winners. Stay with us, live the pace of this revolution, discover the artisans who are shaping the future of global olive oil.

With all our energy and passion,

The Dubai Olive Oil Competition Team.

To download your videos, photos, and high-resolution logos, simply click on this link (we add new winners every day).