Award ceremony open to all winners from all editions of the DubaiOOC.

7 to 9 November 2023

Dear winners of the Dubai Olive Oils Competition,

It is with immense joy and deep respect for your work and passion that we address you today. From the very first edition of our competition, our ambition has been clear : to identify and reference the best olive oils from all over the world. Today, we are proud to say that this goal has been achieved thanks to your commitment and dedication.

The first step was to gather the world's finest olive oils. Now that this goal has been met, we will be organizing our first award ceremony, bringing together all the top olive oil producers from around the world in one place and time.

Our second phase being commercialization, we didn’t want to hold this ceremony in just any hall. Hence, we have chosen a prestigious venue: the international fair "The Food Speciality Festival" in Dubai, scheduled for November. This event is dedicated to luxury agri-food products that supply the palaces of Dubai, one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Buyers from the grandest palaces and star-rated chefs will be in attendance.
It is within our "Best Olive Oils Store" booth that this must-attend event will take place.

As indicated on the map, we have secured the most prestigious location at the fair, situated directly across from the top table. This prime spot, beyond facilitating privileged meetings with chefs and buyers, will allow you to produce high-quality videos to showcase and promote your brand.

This ceremony aims to achieve several essential objectives:

1) Participation in an international fair:
A unique opportunity to present your brand directly to buyers from the most prestigious palaces.

2) Brand promotion:
Take advantage of the occasion to capture as many photos and videos as possible, highlighting your brand among the world's best.

3) Discovering Dubai:
For those who have never visited, this is the perfect time to explore one of the world's most dynamic and luxurious cities.

4) Strengthening our partnership:
For those interested, reinforce our collaboration in selling exceptional olive oils, be it online, in our stores, or at international fairs.

Here Is The Kind Of Video We Will Produce For Each Producer During The Fair.

The trophies from all the competitions you have won will be given to you at our stand during the fair.

We offer you the opportunity to be an exhibitor at our booth during the three days of the fair. This will allow you to present your brand directly to the top chefs and main buyers in Dubai, thus showcasing your olive oil as one of the best in the world.

Our marketing team will also be at your disposal to capture all the necessary photos and videos to promote your brand.

Given that you have won one or more medals in our competitions, you are undeniably among the best brands in the world. It's now time for the whole world to know about it. To register, simply click on the button.


07-09 NOV 2023

3 Days

980 €

Welcome to the network that brings together the best olive oil brands in the world!

- By joining the Best Olive Oils Store Booth, you will enjoy the following benefits:

- Display of your olive oils at our booth, attracting the attention of buyers and industry professionals.

- Promotion of your brand and products through our communication before and during the event.

- Networking opportunities with potential distributors and partners.

- Creation of promotional videos by the Best Olive Oils Store to highlight your brands and products.

- Exclusive access to our Best Olive Oils Store locations.

- Only brands present at the booth will be eligible to join our distribution network.

- The possibility to come and present your brand at the stand.

- Representation of up to 5 different brands or bottles (each bottle in different capacity is considered as one brand).

- A video interview of you and the possibility to take as many pictures as you want.

- We will, of course, make many videos to promote your brand before, during, and after the fair.

- Access to online sales and priority shops.

Please note that the cost of the booth during this fair exceeds €150,000,By registering for €980, you will benefit from all the advantages of the booth while only paying 0.65% of the actual cost