Dubai olive oil competition has grown into one of the most important competitions in the world just in a few years.

The most prestigious brands took part and won a medal.

While the world is closed and most competitions have either been canceled or have taken place online, DubaiOOC was able, for the second time to Analyze the olive oils in the very famous Burj khalifa, with juries who came from all over the world.

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world and who has the most beautiful restaurants and palaces.

This is why in addition to juries, olive oils and their packaging are also presented to the chefs of the most important restaurants.

Dubai Olive oil competition have a marketing objective, the goal is not just to judge the oils, but it is mainly to show the winners in the greatest numbers.

This is why the results are not announced on a simple pdf, but we create a presentation page for each winner that we publish on the website which achieves more than a million connections per year

Most of the videos are shared and viewed by millions of people, All of this aims in making the producers known, either they are big or small.

This year in addition to the usual countries of Europe and the Maghreb, participants from Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries participated.

In the end, more than 400 brands from 23 countries took part in the competition. DubaiOOC takes place twice a year, one in February for early harvest olive oils and the other in June for all extra virgin olive oils.

Earning a medal in june means that producers maintain excellent olive oil quality regardless of the month of the year and this information is very important to chefs in the best restaurants.

Dubai Olive Oil Competition