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Welcome to the most prestigious olive oil competition in the world. Join the global elite of olive oil. By participating in DubaiOOC, you're not just competing for excellence; you're unlocking unparalleled recognition and visibility. 

Winning olive oils are featured on www.bestoliveoils.store, A website that brings together the world's finest olive oils, offering the unique opportunity to market your products in our stores globally.

By joining DubaiOOC, you gain direct access to the world's top palaces and restaurants, with whom we have established privileged partnerships, giving your olive oil the international platform it deserves.

The results will be announced on July 15

World-Class Judging: The Pursuit of Olive Oil Perfection

To identify the world's finest olive oils, Dubai Olive Oil Competition brings together the most esteemed judges from the olive oil industry and chefs from the most luxurious palaces.

Gathered in Dubai, These experts dedicate their extensive know-how and competencies to the judging process, rewarding, and promoting the world's top olive oils. This illustrious panel ensures that only the best, most exquisite olive oils are celebrated and recognized, Thus recognizing DubaiOOC as the premier olive oil competition in the world.

Since our inception in 2016, Dubai Olive Oil Competition has played a pivotal role in transforming olive oil. Once seen as a mundane grocery store item, olive oil is now celebrated as a luxurious product, thanks to our tireless efforts and thousands of video publications. 

These videos, viewed by millions of people worldwide, have helped elevate the status of olive oil. This year, olive oil is reaching unprecedented price points, a testament to its growing value and prestige.

DubaiOOC has been instrumental in this metamorphosis, showcasing olive oil as an exceptional culinary treasure.

The commercialization of these exceptional olive  oils.

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition, our mission is to grant consumers direct access to the world's finest olive oils. Through our continuous efforts, olive oil enthusiasts around the globe can now discover the most exceptional olive oils from each country with just a click.

Whether online, at international fairs, or in our stores, we have opened a world of possibilities for those in pursuit of excellence. 

Consumers can not only identify the best olive oils but also purchase them directly from the producers or via our platforms.

Our commitment to promoting superior quality makes discovering and acquiring the world’s finest olive products more accessible than ever.

"What is the best olive oil from each country?"

This is the question we are asked most frequently. To answer it effectively, we have curated a collection of the finest olive oils by country. This approach enables consumers to finally get a clear and reliable answer to this question.

Videos are an integral part of Dubai Olive Oil Competition experience. Our work extends far beyond just judging the oils; we are deeply committed to promoting our winners. 

Through engaging and informative video content, we showcase the stories, processes, and people behind the winning oils. Here are some examples of the types of videos we create to elevate the winners:

Olive oils are judged and awarded based on their quality. This rigorous evaluation ensures that only the finest oils are recognized, celebrating their excellence and distinctive characteristics.

Understanding  rankings can sometimes be a complex task for consumers.

To simplify this, Dubai Olive Oil Competition has decided to categorize olive oils into two main awards: Gold Medal and Silver Medal. 

Olive oils that achieve a score between 80/100 and 100/100 are awarded a Gold Medal. 

This high scoring range reflects the exceptional quality and excellence of the EVOO that reach this prestigious threshold.

Olive oils scoring between 70/100 and 79/100 are granted a Silver Medal. 

This range signifies a commendable level of quality, recognizing oils that demonstrate notable characteristics within this score bracket.

Since our First edition, we have awarded thousands of trophies to the winners of our previous Dubai Olive Oil Competition. 

These trophies, proudly displayed by the world's top producers in their shops, factories, or at major international fairs, enable consumers to instantly recognize the world's finest olive oils. 

This visual symbol of excellence serves as a testament to the quality and prestige of the awarded oils.

DubaiOOC 2024

Early Harvest Edition

19 - 23 February, 2024

375 € / Brand 

Register for the Early Harvest Competition:

Maximize Your Potential In A Vibrant Market

Stand Out With Your Olive Oil In An Era Of Increased Demand And High Prices.

Seize the unique opportunity offered by the Early Harvest Competition to assess the quality of your olive oil and strategically set your price.

By registering, you gain access to an exclusive video promotion, highlighting your product ahead of others in a market where availability is limited and demand is high.

This is the perfect time to elevate your olive oil and set it apart in the market, ensuring optimal visibility to consumers worldwide.

Get ahead of the curve: register now for unparalleled promotion and international recognition.

DubaiOOC 2024

The results will be announced on July 15.

375 € / Brand 

Register for the June Competition: Showcase the Year-Round Quality of Your Olive Oil

Having quality olive oil available throughout the year is a distinction few producers can claim. Between July and October, many find their stocks depleted, just as demand peaks with summer barbecues and festivities.

If you are fortunate enough to have a continuous and quality production, capable of meeting demand even in summer, then this competition is for you.

Register here and demonstrate to the world that your olive oil maintains exceptional quality all year round.

DubaiOOC 2024

Both Competitions

700 € / Brand 

475 € / Brand 

Discount Price ( 225 €)

Take Advantage of Our Exclusive Offer: Register for Both Competitions and Enjoy a Discounted Rate

Maximize your visibility and opportunities by participating in both the Early Harvest and the June Competitions.

Opting for this dual entry not only grants you increased exposure throughout the year but also comes with a special discounted rate. This is the perfect chance to showcase the consistent quality of your olive oil and benefit from extended promotion.

Register now for both competitions and let your olive oil shine on the international stage at an advantageous price!


This edition of the competition takes place in Dubai. It is open to all but exclusively for extra virgin olive oils from the 2023/2024 campaign, both monovarietal and blends (non-flavoured). The jury comprises international members.

Physical presence of producers in Dubai is not required, as you will have the opportunity to follow the event live online. This enables you to experience the competition from wherever you are.

Regarding the analysis of your olive oils, it's not mandatory for participation. However, if you choose to send them, we warmly welcome them. Any provided analyses will be included on your presentation pages on www.bestoliveoils.store. This adds an extra layer of transparency for your potential customers, allowing them to see the details and quality of your olive oil.

Join our prestigious competition in Dubai and seize the opportunity to showcase your extra virgin olive oil on the international stage.


Each entry must include: 

A) 2 samples of 500 ml
B) 4 samples for bottles of 250 ml or smaller

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Attention: Mr. Hassaini Tarek
73 Allée Kleber
34000 Montpellier (France)
+33 7 49 45 46 24

We have established a shipping address in France as it is more economical than direct shipment to Dubai. We will then anonymize the samples and send them to Dubai for the competition. For producers who prefer to send their samples directly to Dubai (generally those outside Europe), this option is also available. After your registration, please send us an email to receive specific instructions based on your country.

It is crucial that the samples sent for the competition are ready for commercialization, meaning they should come with their final label or packaging as it would be presented for sale. We produce videos for each winner, so it's important that the bottles sent are the same as those that customers can purchase.


The samples must be delivered in France not later than July 5


E-mail: contact@dubaiooc.com



WHATSAPP +33 7 49 45 46 24