Dubai Olive Oil Competition

Six years ago, the idea to revolutionize the olive oil industry sparked in our minds. As we searched for the world's best olive oils, we were taken aback to find Carrefour branded products as the prime options. It was at this moment that we realized the enormous gap in this sector. And so, an exciting journey began, marked by enthusiasm, adversity, determination, and above all, unwavering faith in our vision.

We founded the Dubai Olive Oil Competition, an event designed to truly distinguish the best olive oils based on their quality and not on the number of competition participations. It was a bold initiative, a challenge to the status quo, and it became the catalyst to our mission of transforming the olive oil sector.

To complement our mission, we created Best Olive Oils Ranking, a dynamic and interactive ranking platform, which went beyond a simple PDF document. On our website,, each winner received their own presentation page, highlighting the exceptional quality of their olive oil. This website has now become the largest global e-commerce website for quality olive oil.

Our commitment to excellence didn't stop there. For each winner, we produced videos and publications that have been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. We reached millions of consumers, creating a community of olive oil enthusiasts who share our passion for quality.

Showing courage and integrity, the Dubai Olive Oil Competition is the only competition in the world that has refused to be listed on the EVOO World Ranking site. We wanted to create a space where quality prevails, and we succeeded.

Once we discovered the best olive oils, we brought them together at the world's largest agri-food fair in Dubai. In a magnificent booth, Emiratis and global importers had the opportunity to meet directly with producers from around the world.

Emboldened by this incredible experience, we are in the process of opening shops worldwide. We have successfully established a direct link between producers and consumers, creating unprecedented transparency in the olive oil industry.

Thus, we transformed a daring idea into a tangible reality and made a positive impact on the global olive oil sector. The joy of this success is matched only by the satisfaction of knowing we've made a difference, and our journey is not over yet.

What a fantastic initiative! Each day, we will share the success stories of 10 winners from the latest edition of the Dubai Olive Oil Competition 2023. We will unfold the process, passion, and dedication behind each award-winning olive oil. We will highlight the producers, regions, and unique characteristics that make each medal-winning olive oil so special.

Follow these announcements on our website and our social media platforms. Be ready to be inspired by the incredible talents of these olive oil producers and discover the variety and exceptional quality of olive oil produced around the world.

Stay connected and prepare to be amazed by the best of the best of the global olive oil. And remember, every drop of olive oil we showcase is the fruit of love, dedication, and an incredible attention to detail. We are excited to bring these wonderful olive oils to you. See you soon!



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