As you know for each winner we have created a presentation page as well as a diploma, a photo shoot, and a video.

To download all of this, you just need to click on this link and go to your brand's folder.

Please note that this is a lot of work, we hope you will like the results. If so, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks.

Dear winners,The year 2024 marks a pivotal turn for the Dubai Olive Oil Competition. Traditionally, we have celebrated your exceptional achievements through promotional videos. This year, we are elevating our commitment by offering you the opportunity to directly market your olive oils in our exclusive stores located in Dubai, New York, and France.

We chose to launch this new model in France, specifically in Grenoble, for several strategic reasons. Located near Lyon and immediately accessible from Switzerland, Grenoble is easily reachable from Italy and Spain, where many of our winning producers are based. This location allows for efficient logistics and rapid distribution, essential for the success of this initiative. The city is also near an international airport, facilitating visits from international clients and partners. We opted to start in France because a majority of our winners are based in Europe, making it the ideal starting point for this expansion.

We have created a luxurious boutique that matches the caliber of the world's finest olive oils. Here, you can spend a day with your team to promote your brands, meet with clients, and engage with potential buyers and industry professionals.

Participation Process:

1) Registration:
Please fill out the form on our website to get started.

2) Shipping and Storage:
Send your Olive oils to our warehouse near Grenoble. We offer free storage services to facilitate your market access.

3) Direct Promotion:
Visit our store, which we consider as your store for the day, to engage directly with your clientele. Bring your team and use this space to actively promote your olive oils. You will have the opportunity to film videos that highlight your products, which can then be shared on your various social media platforms. This is your chance to personally connect with customers, share the unique stories behind your Olive oils, and enhance your brand's visibility.

4) Networking and Meetings:
Utilize this opportunity not only to meet with potential buyers and industry professionals but also to connect with our team. Together, we can develop a strategic international marketing plan. With over 1,000 winners to date, our stores will play a crucial role in determining which producers stand out. This will allow us to focus our promotional efforts more effectively and strategize on how to best market your olive oils globally.

Below is an example of the type of videos that will be created for producers who come to promote their olive oils in our store

Winners can collect their medals directly from the store, where we offer a private and confidential award ceremony to enhance and celebrate the prestige of your brand.

Please fill out this form to ensure the best preparation for the marketing of your olive oils.

Winners DUBAIOOC 2024 Early Harvest Edition

Dear participants,We are pleased to explain the process for announcing the results of our competition, which aims to discover and market the world’s finest olive oil brands in the most beautiful global capitals.

Since July 15th, we have begun sending emails to each winner to announce their victory.It is essential that every winner checks their presentation page on to confirm that all information is correct.

Once you have received the email, your role is to visit to review your presentation page. If you need to make any adjustments or wish to include additional items such as extra photos or videos, you can send them to us via WeTransfer at Please note that you are free to make any modifications you desire, whether it’s changing the layout, color, or font. Your presentation page is the first thing clients will see, so it’s crucial that it is set up before any videos are published.

Next, for those who wish to market their olive oils in our stores, you must fill out the form on this page to provide us with your selling price and the available quantities, so that we can display them on the website.

Once the form is completed, we will add your video, certificate, photos, our logos, etc., to the Google Drive link also provided on this page (this will be done as forms are completed).

You will also find these elements on your presentation page, simply by right-clicking.

Once you have retrieved your promotional materials, it is important to post them on your social media to attract as many customers as possible, whether on your website or on our presentation page.

From our side, we will also be posting the winners on our social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but we are limited to 10 posts per day. Thus, the results on our social media will be spread out over several weeks.

As you may have noticed, we have trophies based on country in addition to gold and silver medals. You are free to purchase as many trophies as you wish. We have already delivered many trophies to our store in France. For those who wish to market their olive oils in our stores, you have the opportunity to come and collect your medal and make photos and videos to promote your brand as much as possible. The Olympic Games will soon take place in France, making it an excellent time to promote our French store. If you wish to visit, simply contact us and schedule an appointment.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners, and it is now time to focus on promoting your brands and on selling your olive oils worldwide.